My "HoneyDo" List

Edmonton Area  -  Since 2017

Laugh/groan: "I hired a handyman and gave him a list. 

But only things that got done were items #1, #3, & #5.

Turns out he only does odd jobs..."  ;)

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Innovative Solutions 

Sometimes, a quick fix is all you need.

We can do that for you!

But oftentimes a better solution

starts from the ground up.

Be Smart. Be Efficient.

Design Custom Solutions!

Rather than blindly following the builder's original and rather poor design for a planned basement washroom,

we helped create a much more efficient layout -- freeing up space for improved functionality of the home. 

Renovate, Repair, Install... 

Efficient Solutions Demand Smart Designs!

Some Food For Thought...

The Most Expensive Mistakes You May Be Making In Your Home:

Ignoring faucet leaks; Not customizing your thermostat; Leaks by your doors and windows; Neglecting roof maintenance & repairs; Using traditional light bulbs; Forgetting about air filters; Disregarding the vents around your home; Using idle energy; Turning up the water heater too hot; Buying water bottles instead of a filtering system; Watering the lawn too much.

$100 Projects

Here's an interesting article

about low-cost projects

to spruce-up your place.

Mistakes to Avoid

An article by Bryan Baeumler

about what you should know

BEFORE starting a Major Project.

Costs vs Rewards

One more article: 15 Home Renos

with the highest return

on investment.

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